Cristina Castellani   


I was born in Rome, from a family of sabine origin.
When I was a child I loved fantasy and colours in a moment, drawing my own world, where to live dreams and inner emotions sometimes reassessed in poetic-metaphysical version, in constant search of a balance between human being and universe.
I attended an advertising graphic school and the decorative arts one in Rome.
In my paintings I revive playful sensations alternating to ancestral subjects that concern the birth, the universal love, the mystery of death meant as rebirth sometimes.
My painting travels from the figurative surreal style to the figurative abstract one, with forays in social themes that cast my mind in a pop-art contest, an activity that is often congenial to my creative inspiration.
I worship the art and I love also the photography.
The subjects of my artistic photographs are often my pets, including two wonderful English bulldogs that I dress up like true persons, in ironic and winning way.  My lens, besides loves to narrate flowers, exotic plants, odd subjects.

My exhibitions more important:

Comunicando Galleria Esart Colle Diputacion,188 Barcelone.

Artexpo' New York  Javis Convection Center.

Segni d'arte (one-man exhibition)
Rome Casa delle donne Via della Lungara.

Personale a Castel Madama Palazzo Orsini Rome.

Various collective shows in La Galleria Studio d'arte Sant'Agata Via Sant'Agata dei Goti, 26 Rome.

I was been invited to exhibit into a various municipal galleries of the region Lazio. I have so one-man exhibitions to get ready.

In October I have published a book of poetry and drawings with the publishing house Totem in Rome.

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